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Welcome to GiMeTec :
GiMeTec is a young and dynamic enterprise which can provide you with the following services:

Cast components and model arrangements / pattern equipment
all provided from the hand of a specialist and accompanied by competent consulting

Services in the field of
foundry and model construction
mechanical engineering and metal construction

machine casting, hand- molded design, artistic casting,
component of all kind as well as prototypes.

"Services ranging from A to Z"

Our goal is:

- the most complete contentment of our customers
- the acquisition of the most reasonably priced products at peak-quality
- cooperating with the most reliable suppliers who have been additionally certified by us
- creating new jobs

Have a look at our price-performance ratio and see for yourself.

What we can offer:

Together with you, we will support the realization of your ideas by providing the engineering services necessary, and we will accompany the project all the way up to the stage of maturity for serial production. If requested, also up to installation - readiness of the cast component.

We perform:

  • consulting in the field of forming- and foundry technology
  • providing model arrangements / pattern equipment in wood, metal, plastic materials and styrofoam according to DIN EN 12890 in all qualities and in almost every size.
  • the modification of your model arrangements / pattern equipment according to drawing
  • the compilation of a measurement log for each new or modified model arrangement
  • the reasonably priced restorations of your model arrangements / pattern equipment
  • the sale and distribution of cast products in almost every quality, such as for example gray cast iron, spherulitic graphite iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, and many others
  • the provision of preliminary- and finishing work services for your cast components
  • the sale and distribution of individual and serial parts and pieces
  • the training of your employees with regard to quality management
  • the schooling of your trainees from the sector of foundry and metal

We work with CAD/CAM and CNC in all standard / common file formats.

It requires more than sophisticated technology
and know-how to plan and carry out projects with best-possible results.

The satisfaction of our customers speaks for us.

Anschrift :

Giesserei & Metall - Technik
Handel + Dienstleistungen

Winfried Schneider

Falkenweg 21
D-93133 Burglengenfeld

Tel.: ..49 (0)9471 - 60 233 80
Mobil: ..49 (0)171 - 12 363 92

Fax: ..49 (0)9471 - 60 482 63

Mail: info@gimetec.de